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Hôtel Barrière
Le Royal Deauville


Boulevard Eugène Cornuché
14804 Deauville

Phone: +33 2 31 98 66 33
Fax: +33 2 31 98 66 34



GPS: 49° 21' 29.5" N 0° 4' 3.2" E


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Built in 1913, the hotel has preserved its aristocratic air. The carved wood-panelled walls, the marble columns with their flowercovered tops, the transparent crystal droplets of the chandeliers and the elegantly draped fabrics are classic examples of its French ‘Directoire’ style.

The reopening of the Royal Barrière in March is the first event to mark the Spring events calendar in Deauville. The hotel returns with its traditional elegant balls of yesteryear, bringing together the stars of both the big and the small screen, polo champions, horse owners, jockeys and beautiful women.

The hotel will be hosting the world Bridge festival, horse shows, croquet competitions on the hotel lawns, a yearling sale, polo champions and a host of American stars for the American Film Festival.

Rebecca de Mornay inaugurated a horse riding club here with a night horse ride, while Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson once asked for a basketball post to be set up so they could have a match in the hotel’s car park.

Royal's guest list also includes following names: Elizabeth Taylor (1985), Tony Curtis (1986), Betty Davis (1987), Robert de Niro (1988), Robert Mitchum (1989), Martin Sheen (1990), Stéphanie of Monaco (1991), Clint Eastwood (1992), Tom Cruise (1993), Kevin Costner (1995), Andy Mac Dowell (1996), Antonio Banderas (1998) and Johnny Hallyday (1999).

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