Stylish Arrival at 'The Pen'

Stylish Arrival at 'The Pen'

There's not many hotels in the world which offer its guests stylish arrival as the legendary "Grande Dame of the Far East" - The Peninsula Hong Kong, famous for its record-breaking fleet of luxury vehicles and current collection of 14 Rolls-Royce Phantoms!

Fleet of luxury vehicles tradition started in 1970, when the hotel first placed an order for 7 Silver Shadows. At the time, it was the largest single order Rolls-Royce had ever received! Except for one short interlude between 1974-1976, when Rolls were replaced by Lincoln Continentals, the relationship between the Peninsula group and Rolls-Royce Motor Cars lasts more than 40 years. Timeline goes:

1970 - 7 Silver Shadows

1976 - 8 Silver Shadows

1980 - 9 Silver Shadow IIs

1987 - 8 Silver Spirits

1994 - 9 Silver Spur IIIs +1 vintage 1934 Phantom II

1995 - 9 Silver Spurs +4 in 1998 +1 in 2004

2006 - 14 Phantoms

Famous fleet and its distinctive colour, known as the "Peninsula green", also found its place in the James Bond movie "The Man with the Golden Gun" (1974), when Mary Goodnight informs Bond: "Courtesy cars. All green Rolls Royces belong to the Peninsula Hotel".

Depending on the way you prefer to arrive at 'The Pen', collection of transportation choices range from Rolls-Royces to Minis, BMWs, Tuk-Tuks, jeepneys, riverboats, yacht... and for all those who like aerial ways & views best - helicopters!

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