Historic Hotels of the World – Then&Now is a collection of grand, luxury, landmark hotels, enchanted by fascinating & rich history.

As its name announces, collection covers hotels inaugurated until the beginning of World War II, which marked the end of an “era” of grand, palatial hotels, whose most flourishing period lasted from the second half of the 19th century and which is in a close connection with the origins and expansion of the Rail. New, easy, fast and comfortable method of traveling created excellent preconditions for emerging of this new type of building.

By overgrowing their original function, grand hotels essentially remodeled the term “home away from home“. They became places where important events happen, places where important people meet and one new, social institution where lifestyle was often created.

The collection currently covers over 300 grand hotels, with large advantage on the European establishments. I would like to seize this opportunity to thank to all those generous hotels that have opened their archives and provided us with their historical images, thus supporting the portal’s main theme and allowing us to get a closer experience of the story of grandeur and luxury during the past & today.

Beside the still operating hotels, Historic Hotels of the World – Then&Now will develop one parallel collection, collection entitled “Legendary Lost Hotels”, which will cover all those important hospitality establishments which can be visited today only in our memories.

Hoping that you’ll enjoy the wonderful world of grand hotels and that your virtual stay will be a pleasant one, I invite you to choose one of the revolving doors and step inside their grand lobbies…