Maestro's Milanese Home

Maestro's Milanese Home

Located just a few blocks away, Milan's Grand Hotel et de Milan has always been a sort of annexe to a nearby world famous Teatro alla Scala.

Among the hotel's most prestigious guests was Maestro Giuseppe Verdi who called Grand Hotel 'home' between 1872 and 1901.

The milanese public loved the maestro so much that on 5th february, 1887, after the premiere of 'Othello', citizens laid 'loving' siege to the hotel, compelling the maestro to show himself at the balcony of his suite together with the tenor Tamagno who sang a few of the opera's arias.

Several years later, when Giuseppe Verdi was on death's door, via Manzoni was covered with straw in order not to disturb the Maestro with the clatter of the carriages and horses.

Today, the suite 105 on the first floor in which Maestro lived for 29 years is dedicated to him and much of the original interior is still preserved.

On one of the hotel walls, there is a plate stating: “This house holds the memory of Giuseppe Verdi who was a prestigious guest and who died here on January 27th 1901.

This plate was affixed on the first anniversary of his death by the municipality of Milan and with the unanimous consensus of the people to remember the maestro who revived Italian hearts with celestial harmonies, desire and hope for a motherland”.

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