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Hotel Château Gütsch


6003 Lucerne

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In 1859, Burkhard Pfyffer bought a plot of land in Lucerne, directly adjacent to the parade ground of the Artillery Company of Our Lord. In the same year, the Lucerne City Council authorised him to run an inn there. As the years went by, what started out as a simple hostelry developed into Château Gütsch.

1879 - Restaurant bought by Ignaz Businger and building of a hotel with 1 tower in the middle (Architect: Edouard Staempfli from Montreux). The funicular from the city to Château Gütsch started operating in 1884.

Featuring different towers and turrets, the main building got its actual shape in 1888 after a fire incident. Rebuilding was done by Lucerne's architect Emil Vogt, inspired by the Bavarian castle Neuschwanstein. In 1901 the structure was enlarged with a banquet room in front of the main building.

During the first world war, the hotel closed and reopened in 1921.

Present owner Alexander Lebedev bought Château Gütsch in 2007. Three years later the whole building was renovated and additional complex with another 40 rooms was added. Architects in charge: Marques & Buehler from Lucerne.

Today, the Château Gütsch has been reimagined to honor its rich history and important standing in the history of Lucerne. Grand public spaces have been brought back to their original scale with very careful attention paid to the historic decorative details including the plaster work, wood carving, fine parquet flooring and paneling.

The decoration and attention to historic detail once again reinstates the Château as the jewel-in-the-crown of Swiss landmarks and provides a testament to the people who have graced its halls over the last 130 years, including international dignitaries, royalty, entertainment celebrities and most importantly the unswerving support of the inhabitants of Lucerne.

Hotel's Golden book list names of: Queen Victoria, Thomas Mann, Arturo Toscanini and many many more...

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