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Health Spa Resort
Thermia Palace


Kúpeľný ostrov
921 29 Piešťany

Phone: +421 33 775 61 11
Fax: +421 33 775 61 99



GPS: 48° 35' 12.6" N 17° 50' 27.4" E


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After their grand opening in 1912, the Art Nouveau hotel Thermia Palace and Irma Health Spa became world-famous and some of the most sought-after spa facilities not only in Europe but the whole world.

In choosing an emblem for this hotel, Ľudovít Winter was inspired by a magical story about a peacock which was healed by the water from Piešťany springs. Mr. Winter therefore chose one of these magnificent birds to become the symbol of Thermia Palace. There is a relief of a peacock on the front façade of the hotel and on the stained glass on the upper floor.

The idea of building a luxurious hotel unparalleled in standard and connected to exceptional spa facilities by a corridor came to fruition. The hotel and the balneotherapy center, designed by Budapest architects Ármin Hegedűs and Henrich Böhm, fulfilled their purpose for almost one hundred years with only partial renovations.

Even in the past, Thermia Palace attracted kings, sheiks, maharajahs, and other important people. Among its guests one could find Bulgarian Tsar Ferdinand, German singer Richard Tauber, Nobel prize winner for literature Selma Lagerlöf, painter Alphons Mucha, Czech comedian Vlasta Burian, president Edvard Beneš, and many others.

The most outstanding elements of the richly-decorated interior are the beautiful stained glass staircase and the Grand Restaurant with an invaluable painting by Alphonse Mucha, who donated the picture to the spa as a gift for curing his daughter.

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