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Hotel Schweizerhof Zürich


Bahnhofplatz 7
8021 Zurich

Phone: +41 44 218 88 88
Fax: +41 44 218 81 81


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GPS: 47° 22' 36.9'' N 8° 32' 22.7'' E


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The hotel is constructed during the years of 1876/77 by the architects Heinrich Honegger-Näf and Julius Bosshard. At the beginning the hotel is called Hotel National and there were two different entrances with 2 different addresses: Bahnhofplatz 7 and Bahnhofstrasse 93.

The hotel opening is celebrated on 7th August 1877 at the very same location where shortly before sheep were grazing. At this time the lake area was THE place to be and the main railway was seen as the suburbs of the city. The Bahnhofplatz (Station Square) became than the entrance of the now world-famous pedestrian Bahnhofstrasse (Station Street) at that time called Fröschengraben.

Wilhelm Ferdinand Michel buys the Hotel National in 1880 and the next door building at the Bahnhofstreet 91. The two buildings become one hotel under his management. This is the time when the beautiful "Moorish Room" is constructed: high ceiling with an oriental atmosphere. In 1893 the building at Lintheschergasse 24 becomes part of the hotel. At that time the Hotel National consisted of 4 different buildings.

A new general manager of the Ferdinand Michel-Pauli family takes over and changes the name into Grand Hotel National in 1883. In 1889, the fountain located in front of the hotel was replaced by the statue of Alfred-Escher.

With the hotel renovation of 1908 the classic round archs disappeared from the façade. That was the beginning of the art nouveau style.

Mr. Georges Wild, general manager and later owner of the hotel buys it in 1907. Unfortunately he dies in 1916 and the hotel goes to his son, Mr. Georges Wild junior. General manager Georges Wild junior changes the name to Hotel Schweizerhof-National in 1918.

In 1930 a new floor between the ground and the 1st floor is built. The round arch at the Bahnhofplatz and the Linthescher Street are changed to a more linear architecture.

Hotel has been in constant renovation and the quality of its public and guest rooms is always kept to a very high standard.

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