Imperiale Palace Hotel

Santa Margherita Ligure

Via Pagana 19
16038 Santa Margherita Ligure

Phone: +39 0185 288 991
Fax: +39 0185 284 223


GPS: 44° 20' 10.9" N 9° 13' 10.9" E


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Imperiale Palace Hotel was originally a private villa built in 1889 by the aristocratic Costa family coming from Corsica. In 1905 a new wing was added to establish the villa as a hotel, and in 1910 the building was further extended to its present state.

The building represents the Neoclassical and Liberty style and feature large, bright public areas, richly decorated with fine Liberty furniture and fittings.

In the old Villa the glamour of the Belle Epoque is stunningly visible in the magnificent tree Imperial Suites on the floor were the nobility once lived. Famous writers and artists, such as Pirandello and Eleonora Duse, were regular guests of the charming Imperial Suites. One of the most famous guests of the hotel was Queen Elena of Savoy along with other well-known representatives of the aristocracy of the time.

On April 16th 1922, the German Minister for Foreign Affairs Walther von Rathenau and the Soviet Commissioner for Foreign Affairs Georgij Vasilevic Cicerin met in the oval room on the second floor, "Sala del Tratto" (now “Treaty Room”), to sign the famous Treaty of Rapallo, which marked the end of the First World War.

This charming historic hotel is surrounded by a large park sloping down to the sea. From its wide marble terraces you can enjoy the most enchanting view over Portofino Bay. The Imperiale Palace is today one of the most outstanding and prestigious hotels in the Ligurian Riviera, satisfying the most demanding client and taking one back to memorable times long gone.

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