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Hotel Brufani Palace


Piazza Italia 12
06121 Perugia

Phone: +39 (0)755 732 541
Fax: +39 (0)755 720 210


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GPS: 43° 6' 30.5" N 12° 23' 14.7" E


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Giacomo Brufani, founder of the hotel, born in Assisi, was of modest origins, but since he was a young boy he showed a particular interest in tourism. He began as an “assistant” to tourists visiting Umbria in stagecoaches, looking after the horses, and, when needed, explaining the attractions of the Umbrian towns. With time he decided to create a real “artistic path” and he began to travel to Great Britain where he picked up clients offering a tour London-Rome via Paris, Florence and of course Perugia.

The Hotel was opened in 1884 and became immediately a success. All the most prominent figures of the time as well as aristocrats were continuously trying to secure a stay at the hotel which was later managed by one of Brufani’s nephews, George Collins who came from England especially for this task.

The new century marked the beginning of a flourishing period for Perugia in which the city established its position on the international tourist scene. The management of the hotel by the Collins family, heirs of the Brufani estate, made sure to reinforce the connections with England so much so that it was not unusual to see the Union Jack fly at high mast in occasion of a British victory in the world. The hotel also kept for many years a large library with English texts.

In 1986 the Hotel Brufani Palace became part of the SINA Hotels Group and recently underwent an extensive refit period which however made sure to keep all the original features and charm of the rooms and halls.

Over the years the Hotel Brufani Palace has maintained a leading role in Perugia’s hospitality scene with famous guests of the calibre of the Queen Mother, Prince Albert of Monaco and many other stars and politicians. The breathtaking view, the refined atmosphere and the excellent and personal service, continue to make every stay at the Hotel Brufani Palace an unforgettable one.

The Hotel Brufani Palace with over one century of history is the symbol of exclusiveness which the city of Perugia is proud of.

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