Le Richemond


Rue Adhémar-Fabri 8-10
1201 Geneva

Phone: +41 22 715 70 00
Fax: +41 22 715 70 01


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Le Richemond was established in 1875 by Adolphe-Rodolphe Armleder who rented the Pension Le-Riche-Mont and opened an up-market ‘guest house’ with 25 rooms. Its reputation for excellent service and style grew and, as well-to-do English and American travellers became more adventurous and began to visit Europe and the Alps, it became a popular destination on any great European ‘tour’, eventually changing its name to the Richemond Family Hotel.

Monsieur Armleder’s trademark was high standards and attentive service, and guests enjoyed warm hospitality but, a thrifty man, it wasn’t unknown for him to be seen on his knees mending worn-out carpets. During World War II, Armleder’s grandson Jean assumed control of the hotel and after the war began to renovate and expand the business. Hotel we see today, is largely thanks to his influence and improvements.

The French writer Colette was a particular fan of Le Richemond, and in 1947 wrote to Emilie Armleder: ‘If God gives me life and health next year… keep for me [at your hotel] my sunny, bird covered little balcony, my view of the lake and the greenery; keep for me above all… my Richemond holidays.’ The hotel still attracts the same affection and loyalty today.

Le Richemond has played host to some of Geneva’s most famous visitors including Charlie Chaplin, Walt Disney, the Aga Khan, Clark Gable, Louis Armstrong, Rita Hayworth, Mark Chagall, Hergé (creator of Tin Tin), Sophia Loren, Henry Kissinger, Michael Jackson, Pavarotti and Elton John.

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