Park Gstaad


Wispilenstrasse 29
3780 Gstaad

Phone: +41 33 748 98 00
Fax: +41 33 748 98 08


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GPS: 46° 28' 15.6" N 7° 17' 19.4" E


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In 1904, when a railway line was planned for Gstaad, Hans and Rosalie Reuteler understood that this little mountain village had the potential to become a sought after holiday destination. In 1910 the Park Hotel Reuteler opened its doors as the first five-star hotel in Gstaad.

When the hotel first opened it had exceptional amenities for that era such as central heating, electricity and a lift. The lift was preserved and after having been completely restored it is still in full working order today. It is a masterpiece of classic engineering and an impressive reminder of days gone by.

Thanks to its unique location, the hotel quickly became popular with its guests and its early patrons included crowned heads as well as celebrated personalities from the worlds of business, art and literature. Guests included the Aga Khan who resided at the hotel with his family during WW2, Field Marshal Montgomery, Princess Grace of Monaco and acclaimed actors David Niven, Sir Peter Ustinov and Audrey Hepburn.

In 2006, the SPA was completely renovated and four years later, to mark the 100th anniversary of the hotel, the entire property was redecorated by interior designer Federica Palacios to create a luxurious setting combining modern design with the rich heritage of the hotel.

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