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Lausanne Palace & Spa


Grand Chêne 7-9
1002 Lausanne

Phone: +41 21 331 31 31
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The Lausanne Palace traces back the beginning of its history during the years of Hospitality Euphoria that reigned during the Belle Epoque. Inaugurated on June 19th 1915, it has since always been intimately linked to the City of Lausanne, as it is perfectly integrated into the urban landscape. Much more than a Hotel, the Lausanne Palace is an institution, a gathering point for locals as well as the international High Society. Thus, it is no coincidence that all Presidents of the International Olympic Committee have taken up residence in the Hotel since 1980.

After belonging to local financiers, the Hotel was purchased by Ute Funke in 1989. The committed support and the generosity of the Owner opened the property to an era of renewal. Furthermore, and since 1996, year where today's General Manager, Jean-Jacques Gauer (who is as well Chairman of the Leading Hotels of the World) took office, the Lausanne Palace & Spa has been experiencing a never-ending expansion.

The dynamic duo constituted by the Management and the Owner expresses itself through a perpetual « renaissance », as the following concrete achievements attest : creation of the Spa; transformation of the restaurants, bars and meeting rooms; opening of a private night-club, the Red Club; creation of a High Tech conference center; construction of an underground parking lot; without omitting the renovation of rooms?During the past 15 years, nearly 60 million francs have been invested in the various renovations and developments that allowed for the Hotel to enrich and improve its array of services while preserving its Belle Epoque soul.

All along its history, the Lausanne Palace has welcomed numerous world-famous royalties, celebrities and politicians, as well as it has been the witness of historical events. The legendary quality of its hospitality and personalised service have made it a reference in terms of luxury and conviviality, a successful combination of tradition and « avant-garde », a Palace that lives up to its 5 stars while cherishing first and foremost the well-being and comfort of its guests, a legend that has always lived to the rhythm of its time while anticipating the expectations of its customers.

Following the same trend and vein, the Lausanne Palace & Spa remains faithful to its renown. This magnificent liner, a reflection of Luxury Hospitality?s great values, holds its course and open mind towards ever innovative horizons.

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