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Hotel Imperial


Kaerntner Ring 16
1015 Vienna

Phone: +43 1 501 100
Fax: +43 1 501 10 410


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GPS: 48° 12' 4.2'' N 16° 22' 23.5'' E


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The majestic Hotel Imperial and its sumptuous surroundings were originally created in 1863 as the Prince of Württemberg’s Viennese residence. Overlooking the historic Ring Boulevard in central Vienna, the building was transformed into a hotel to accommodate discerning visitors of the 1873 World’s Fair. Truly the palace of a prince, the façade is Italian Neo Renaissance with emblematic details.

Atop the building is a stone balustrade that elegantly frames a group of allegorical animals from the Württemberg coat of arms. The portal group is dominated by four impressive statues that are equally symbolic. The original entrance, flanked by two stone sentry boxes, was wide enough to accommodate a two-horse drawn carriage.

Upon arrival, the carriage would enter the grounds and be met by liveried footman. The footman opened the door for visitors who mounted the broad stairs leading directly to the belle étage inside the building. The carriage then continued into the courtyard, where it turned around and drove out.

The interior furnishings of the Hotel Imperial artfully showcase the 19th Century romance of Vienna with pristine marble, hand carved statues, and spectacular crystal chandeliers. The time-honored Imperial Restaurant and Café Imperial have accommodated many famous authors and composers who penned their masterpieces while sipping coffee in the noble ambience.

Inside the lobby, a Royal Staircase leading up to suites and rooms is lit by magnificent chandeliers that sparkle and shimmer from high stucco ceilings radiating aristocratic flair. Private balconies offer splendid views of the roofs and spires of old Vienna—the perfect introduction to a remarkable city stay.

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