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Hotel Helvetia & Bristol


Via dei Pescioni, 2
50123, Florence

Phone: +39 055 26 651
Fax: +39 055 288 353


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GPS: 43° 46' 17.9" N 11° 15' 08.4" E


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Situated in the very heart of Florence’s historical centre, between Piazza della Repubblica and Via Tornabuoni - Florence’s most exclusive shopping street, the Helvetia & Bristol Hotel was founded in 1894 by a far-seeing Swiss family. While the main façade overlooks Piazza Strozzi, the main entrance to the hotel is from Via dei Pescioni.

From the very beginning, the Helvetia & Bristol has been an important meeting point for the cultural and historical figureheads of their time, a key point of reference for the scions of upper-class European and especially British families visiting Italy on their Grand Tour of education and adventure. It was in honor of its Anglo-Saxon patrons that the Helvetia romantically yoked the very English name Bristol with its own.

Amongst hotel's earliest visitors were; Enrico Fermi, Gabriele D’Annunzio, Luigi Pirandello, Eugenio Montale and Eleonora Duse who adopted the Hotel as their Florentine residence.

Throughout the years, the Helvetia & Bristol has remained the undiscussed favourite Hotel of the most prestigious international clientele, including the Danish Royal Family, Igor Strawinsky, Giorgio De Chirico and Betrand Russel.

In 1990, the Helvetia & Bristol underwent a careful and detailed renovation, returning it to its original splendour and timeless charm, offering its clientele elegant surroundings and refined atmosphere combined with today’s modern technology. All these different aspects make the Helvetia & Bristol the perfect place for you to experience Florence.

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