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Grand Hotel Wien


Kaerntner Ring 9
1010 Vienna

Phone: +43 1 515 80 0
Fax: +43 1 515 80 10


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In 1862, the Viennese Hotelier Anton Schneider acquired the premises where the Grand Hotel Wien stands today. A so-called maison meublée, a furnished house, was built according to the plans of the renowned architect Carl Tietz. Later on the building was turned into a hotel. On May 10th, 1870 the Grand Hotel Wien was opened as the first Grand Hotel in Vienna. The fabulous Grand Hotel Wien offered 300 rooms, 200 bathrooms, steam elevators and a telegraph office, which was a sensation at that time.

The Grand Hotel Wien quickly became famous for being at the very hub of Viennese social life. For example, in 1894 Johann Strauss, the king of Waltz, celebrated his 50-year jubilee on stage in the Grand Hotel Wien. Because of this noble status, it was hard to get a room at the Grand Hotel Wien, it was nearly all the time fully booked!

In 1911, the Grand Hotel Wien reached its largest expansion. Two of the neighbouring houses, Kaerntner Ring 11 and 13, were acquired, and after extensive renovations the buildings were joined together. Thereafter, the Grand Hotel Wien was able to offer 100 additional rooms and several elegant salons.

In 1945 the Grand Hotel Wien had to close its doors for 10 years, as the Russian troops engrossed the building.

After minor renovations the Grand Hotel Wien was re-opened by Director Walter Scheel, but just after a year it was sold to the Austrian government, who offered it to the International Atomic Energy Agency. It became their headquarter for over 20 years.

In 1989, after the International Atomic Energy Agency had moved out, All Nippon Airways bought the building, reduced it to its original size and restored the beautiful, traditional façade while the interior of the building was newly constructed. The emphasis was put on tradition with state-of-the art technology.

After a 100 million Euro renovation, the ANA Grand Hotel Wien was officially inaugurated on June 14th, 1994. The target had been reached: the Grand Hotel Wien´s glittering past and shining future had been fused!

On August 1st, 2002 the international hotel company JJW Hotels & Resorts bought the Grand Hotel Wien, and manages it since then as a "Leading Hotel of the World".

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