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Grand Hotel Plaza


Via Del Corso 126
00186 Rome

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Constructed during mid 1800s, a turbulent time in Italy’s history, the Grand Hotel Plaza was initially the residential home of a noble Italian family from Piemonte. It was subsequently converted in 1860 into a luxury 5 star hotel which, given its superb city centre location in the heart of Rome, ensured it was an instant success.

Indeed, one of the Hotel’s most illustrious guests was Pope Pius IX who stayed here in 1866 in order to bestow honour on the Mexican Empress Carlotta who preferred the ornate splendour of the Grand Hotel Plaza to the modest accommodations of the Vatican!

The public rooms at the Grand Hotel Plaza, spacious, ornate with enormous crystal chandeliers, stained glass skylights were the perfect setting for important meetings between noble families, businessmen and politicians. Over its one and a half centuries of history, the Grand Hotel Plaza has provided the backdrop to many important films, particularly those requiring an authentic “fin de siecle” atmosphere. The Grand Hotel Plaza contains exquisite examples of the late 19th century “Liberty” style, such as the elegant floral frescoes on many of the walls and ceilings.

Among some of the most important historical events to have taken place here were the preliminary meetings between European member states who came to Rome for the European Treaty Conference on a Single European Market in 1957.

Some of our notable guests include: Charles de Gaulle, Umberto Eco, Pietro Mascagni, Sir Winston Churchill, Gianni Versace, George Clooney...

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