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Grand Hotel et de Milan


Via Manzoni 29
20121 Milano

Phone: +39 02 723 141
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Ever since its inauguration on May 23, 1863, the Grand Hotel et de Milan has been one of the city's finest hotels, the residence of personalities of national and international renown. Towards the end of the 19th century it achieved great significance as it was the only hotel in the city that offered post and telegraphic services. The building was smaller than it is at present and it comprised about 200 rooms, a "Stigler" hydraulic lift which was brought back into use during the recent restoration, a little Winter garden and sumptuously furnished lounges.

The "Milan", as was affectionately called by guests, has always been a sort of annexe to a nearby Teatro alla Scala. The royal suite has been dedicated to Giuseppe Verdi who was its guest in 1872. The milanese public loved the maestro so much that on 5th february, 1887, after the premiere of 'Othello', citizens laid 'loving' siege to the hotel, compelling the maestro to show himself at the balcony of his suite together with the tenor Tamagno who sang a few of the opera's arias. Several years later, when Giuseppe Verdi was on death's door, via Manzoni was covered with straw in order not to disturb the Maestro with the clatter of the carriages and horses.

In 1943, the 4th floor was completely destroyed during the air raid. Later, the general staff of the 5th American Army requisitioned the hotel and it became a prize holiday spot for allied soldiers.

On 24th June 1946, the hotel re-opened, maintaining its prestige unchanged. The architect Giovanni Muzio started working on the hotel immediately after World War II ended. During the restructuring work carried out between 1990 and 1993, a part of the great roman walls, that Emperor Massimiano had erected in 250 A.D., come to light. The remains of the walls painstakingly restored, may be viewed below the Don Carlos restaurant.

Golden book include names of: Vittorio Emanuele, King of Italy; Amedeo di Savoia Aosta, King of Spain; U.S. Grant, President of the U.S.A.; Leopold, King of Belgium; Friedrich Wilhelm, Emperor of Germany; Dom Pedro II, Emperor of Brasil; The Sultan of Zanzibar; H.M. Silvia, Queen of Sweden; H.R.H. Prince Philip of Belgium, The Duke and Duchess of Windsor; Marconi; Zola; Tolstoj, Wagner; Mascagni; Strauss; Caruso; Toscanini; Mussolini; Cornelius Vanderbilt; Rotschild; ; De Chirico; De Sica; Nureyev; Guttuso; Fellini; Maria Callas...

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#Grand Hotel et de Milan: A Century of Milanese History through the Illustrious Guests of its Most Famous Hotel
Grand Hotel et di Milan, 1999
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