- 150th Anniversary -

Grand Beau-Rivage


Höheweg 211
3800 Interlaken

Phone: +41 33 826 70 07
Fax: +41 33 826 70 08



GPS: 46° 41' 23.0" N 7° 51' 52.4" E


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In around 1874 the Grand Hotel Beau Rivage was constructed according to the plans of the Parisian architect Edouard Davinet, and was one of the first buildings in this new Art Nouveau style. Even then the magnificent hotel had already taken an important place in the hotel scene of Interlaken. This particularly successful example of the architecture and artistic structure of the “Belle Epoque” era, was the victim of a great fire in 1895. The reconstruction work, which started in 1899, in accordance with the plans of Davinet, gave the hotel a new splendour, although still in keeping with the style of years gone by.

The Grand Hotel Beau Rivage, which was renovated for the first time in 1904, experienced an increase in foreign traffic in the renowned golden twenties, maintaining Interlaken’s long tradition as a travel destination of European importance and filled it with new life.

Similar to the other largest resorts of the time, such as Monte Carlo, Nice and Rimini, although without their reputation of chic, almost decadent clientele, Interlaken – and the Grand Hotel Beau Rivage – was a meeting-point for people looking for peace and relaxation in grand surroundings but who still did not want to go without a certain amount of social contact and cultural activities.

This period of blossoming was however, followed by hard years, as Interlaken, like everywhere else felt the effects of the World Economic Crisis and the Second World War. There was an almost complete absence of guests, and at the end of the war the Grand Hotel served as the quarters for the Swiss army leaders.

The improvement began however in 1945 with the hotel’s takeover of by an hotelier from Genf. He invested, modernised and improved the appearance of the hotel, and was proved right in doing so by the success of the hotel. Soon the Grand Hotel Beau Rivage was of importance again in Interlaken and was as popular with guests as it was before.

The rash development of foreign traffic from the middle of the 60s soon presented the owner of this beautiful building with a new problem. The high maintenance costs meant that the Grand Hotel Beau Rivage lost ground on new modern, functional hotels.

Luckily, certainly from today's point of view, the owner decided against demolishing the old building and building a new one in its place. Instead, the Grand Hotel Beau Rivage was carefully looked after and in 1972 expanded with a modern extension including a swimming pool, gym and a snack restaurant.

In the meantime the supposedly unsuitable investment in the maintenance of the building proved to be a stroke of luck, and as a result today’s owners can see how the traditional qualities of the classic luxury hotels, which ten years ago were dismissed as dusty and out-of-date, are back in demand: Style, charm and atmosphere have survived in the Grand Hotel Beau Rivage.

Due to the total renovation of the building in 1983/84 it was possible not just to maintain these characteristics, but also to improve them, so that the hotel has since then had a five-star rating. The unique flair of the hotel was unobtrusively added to by introducing modern comforts in the guest rooms and the public areas, without altering the external appearance of the building. A further expansion took place in 1991/1992. Here the whole 6th floor of the hotel was extended.

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