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Due Torri Hotel


Piazza Sant'Anastasia 4
37121 Verona

Phone: +39 045 595 044
Fax: +39 045 800 41 30


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GPS: 45° 26' 41.3" N 10° 59' 58.7" E


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In the 14th century, the Due Torri palace in St Anastasia place was known as Palazzo dell'Aquila (Palace of the Eagle), and it belonged to the family of Bordieri. Originating from Brescia, Bordieri were cutlers who had moved to Verona at the end of 1300s, became goldsmiths and conquered a solid position. In 1674, the Palace became an inn. Among others, it hosted the likes of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. It also witnessed such historical events as the crowning of the exiled King Louis VXIII of France and the signing of the Peace Treaty of Villafranca between Napoleon III, Vittorio Emanuele II, Archduke Ranieri and Field-Marshal Radetzky.

In 1866, Italian patriot Giuseppe Garibaldi came out onto one of the hotel’s balconies overlooking St Anastasia square and talked to the people of Verona.

After changing hands several times, in the second half of the 19th century the inn was purchased by the Arvedi family and converted into the Grand Hotel Imperiale Aux Deux Tours (“Two Towers”) in 1882. It soon becoming the most famous hotel in the city. In 1959, after some ups and downs (several ministries of the fascist Salò Republic had installed their headquarters there), it finally became a hotel again thanks to the commitment of Enrico Wallner, an illustrious landowner of Verona.

In 2010, the precious building was acquired by Duetorrihotels Group: a young and dynamic Italian company that is active in the hospitality sector. Structural improvements have involved almost all of the 89 rooms of the palace that were completely renovated. The exclusive Rooftop terrace is a perfect location for cocktails, coffee breaks, lunches and dinners. The Terrace, one of the highest in the city, includes the Grill Restaurant with 360 degree view over the historic center of Verona.

The latest restyling, apart from restoring the “Cavalieri di Brandeburgo” (Knights of Brandenburg) lobby, has revealed the Arena Casarini, a series of circus-themed frescoes by Veronese artist Pino Casarini.

So far unpublished, the only mural painting on a circus theme in the career of Pino Casarini, is a narration of images that represents the charm and magic of circus, in a riot of vivid colors and plasticity. Now this treasure, after voluntary recovering works, is brought back to light. Extraordinary vividness of a big circus tent welcomes the guests. Gilded pilasters immerse the scene in flashes of light, reminding us of the tent structure. Masonry panels, through variable perspective and depth, capture the life within the circus as if in a theatrical play. Acrobats and jugglers, contortionists, clowns, dancers and tamers of lions, bears, elephants and horses, monkeys, giraffes, camels and dogs: the circus magic is represented with all its symbolism and evocative power on the circular walls of the Arena.

The Tournament of the Knights of Brandenburg, decoratin the main hall on the ground floor of Due Torri Hotel, has also undergone massive restoration. It was aimed at preservation and renovation of the pictorial elements that had been damaged by time. As a result, the works of a great artist Pino Casarini was teturned to the city of Verona and the entire Italian heritage. His works, shown in the original, will become the subject of study and investigation from now and on.

The Due Torri hotel has always been a second home for personalities of culture, art, show business and political life. Vittorio De Sica, Alida Valli, Anna Magnani, Giulio Andreotti, Giovanni Spadolini, Rita Levi Montalcini, Margaret Thatcher, Placido Domingo and many other VIPs, business men and international jet setters stayed at the hotel.

In March 2013, the Due Torri hotel became a member of the international association Leading Hotels of the World, which affiliates the best hotels in the world.

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