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- 150th Anniversary -

Hotel Bernini Bristol


Piazza Barberini 23
00187 Rome

Phone: +39 (0)6 488 931
Fax: +39 (0)6 482 42 66


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GPS: 41° 54' 13.9" N 12° 29' 20.7" E


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Hotel Bernini Bristol inauguration dates back to October 28, 1874, when it was called «The Bristol» in honour of the First Baronet of Bristol, the Protestant Bishop of Bristol, who lived in the 18th century. This name was later coupled with the world-famous Baroque artist Bernini who sculpted the Triton Fountain in Piazza Barberini, situated right in front of the hotel.

The hotel’s fame began in 1874 when for the first time in renaissance history a hotel built a hydraulic lift supplied by an underground spring so that the hotel became known as the most modern hotel of Italy. News of this spread fast all around the world and soon the Emperor of Brazil, the heirs to the throne of Russia, Germany and Greece all chose the hotel as their official residence in Rome. Later, Princess Elena of Montenegro, during her stay at the hotel, built the foundations of her future marriage to Vittorio Emanuele III.

In 1921, in one of the hotel’s halls, Mussolini is known to have attempted without success a reconciliation with some representatives of the opposition. Here resided the German Emperor Frederick, the Princess of Wales, the Queen of England and later prestigious names of the calibre of Onassis, Rockfeller and Vanderbilt.

In the hotel’s night club, in the 1950’s, listening to the electrifying notes of the piano played by a Neapolitan artist called Renato Carosone, aristocrats, playboys and divas moved their first steps to the mambo and cha cha starting what it then became known as the “Dolce Vita”.

Sina Hotels buys the building in 1973, with the project of a sumptuous hotel for guests belonging to the business, political and diplomatic world.

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